April 2021 Newsletter*

I love to watch for the first buds of the spring. In the same way, I find that when I keep my focus on finding the useful things that the children in my life do, I discover that more good blossoms into view.

Our FLC team is here to support you as you tend your family garden. We are constantly growing and seeing new views and, as a result, our programs continue to transform. I encourage you to consider participating in one of our offerings this spring – all available via Zoom.

We are committed to providing you with:
1. Robustly researched and proven tools, concepts, and strategies based on the theory of Alfred Adler, Rudolf Dreikurs and more Individual Psychology experts on raising resilient and responsible children.
2. Engaging LIVE sessions full of activities to allow you to practice and interact with the content.
3. Skillfully facilitated spaces for honesty and openness.

Foundations of Family Leadership I
Our core class for parents, grandparents, caregivers and any adult who has a child in their life. Each session builds on the previous to establish a firm foundation for transforming struggles and frustration into more resilience, responsibility, and courage.

Parenting Teens I
This fun and fast-paced class is for anyone who has a teen in their life. It provides both encouragement and support for you plus many tools and strategies to:

  • Improve your relationship with the teen in your life;
  • Communicate in a way so that you are more likely to be heard and understand each other;
  • Solve problems with a simple framework;
  • Handle stress so that you can approach recurring problems differently; and
  • Lead your teen in an encouraging and truly powerful way.

Parenting Circles
Refuel, adjust, pivot, and reconnect in these monthly, 90-minute sessions. Available to anyone who has completed one of our core programs. This month’s session is Tuesday, April 13. Choose from either the morning or evening session.

Advance registration for all of these programs is required. The links below bring you to the registration form.

We are grateful to offer our spring programs at no charge, thanks to generous donations from our community of FLC supporters and friends.
To make a contribution to these transformative and impactful courses and workshops, please donate here.

I wish you a wonderful spring and hope to see you soon!


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