The Family Leadership Center leadership team was delighted to welcome parents, grandparents and caregivers across the country to a workshop on setting our kids up for success and resiliency. If you missed it or want to share it with a friend, the slides and content from the workshop can be viewed and listened to here.

This foundation for success and resiliency is built on the solid foundation of the four Crucial C’s, by drs. Betty Lou Bettner and Amy Lew.

  1. Connect: having the solid, grounded feeling “I belong”
  2. Capable: to know “I can improve myself and grow in a positive and strong direction”
  3. Count: to feel significant and know: “My voice is heard here.”
  4. Courage: “I can handle whatever comes.” “When I make a mistake, the mistake doesn’t define me,” and “I can try again.”

When we give our children these four foundational rocks, they have a solid feeling of being grounded and significant, the social interest to make a positive difference for others and the courage to handle whatever comes. The workshop was filled with simple ways to develop the four core needs for our children in the midst of a world struggling to handle a global pandemic.

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