Workshop: Setting Your Family Up For Success (Back-to-School)

Family Leadership Center held this September workshop for parents as they prepare for the coming school year – whatever it may bring. During this free 90-minute workshop, we talked about how to encourage and support our students while taking care of ourselves as parents and caregivers. Participants reported that they left the workshop inspired and ready to infuse the coming school year with clear encouragement strategies!
View our blog to watch a recording of the workshop and to learn more about what was shared.


About Our Workshops

Workshops give current research and proven tools to solve common parenting struggles and range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

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Some popular workshops titles:

Raising “I Can” Kids

A child’s “I Can” quotient has been cited as of the most important factors for success. It is about developing a growth mindset and an ability to rise up with courage after failure.

How do you help you child strive for excellence and work hard to overcome difficulties? Learn strategies to give your child the crucial skills that lead to flexibility, resilience, and optimism.

Bonus byproducts of this workshop include ending the struggles with homework and chores.

Raising Resilient & Responsible Children

How do you help your child strive for excellence and work hard to overcome difficulties? Learn strategies to give your child the crucial skills that lead to flexibility, resilience, and optimism. A child’s resilience quotient is a more important indicator of being able to thrive in life than the traditional IQ. Raise children with a growth mindset. Bonus byproducts of this workshop: End the struggle with homework or chores.

“How do I get my kids to listen to me?!”

Are you tired of saying the same things over and over? Do you find yourself giving in to your kids’ demands and/or yelling at them? How many times DO you have to tell them?

Come to this workshop to learn strategies and proven tools for gaining your child’s cooperation without needing to raise your voice or fall back on rewards or punishments.

Limit Setting

Limits provide security, order and an understanding of how the world works. Learn how to raise children in an environment where clear limits are upheld in a firm and friendly way. Bring your challenges to this workshop and find solutions!

Sibling Rivalry

Learn what the rivalry is about and how to get it out of your home!

Family Meetings: The Ace for Raising Families that Work Together

What kids are saying about family meetings:

Family Meeting testimonial by 12 year old whose family practices family meetings.

“Family meetings have helped me and my brother so much. We really feel part of a team and enjoy being together.

The hardest part of the meetings are the ‘Family Matters’, ‘though they are definitely the most important. A couple of weeks ago, my brother brought up a matter about “laughing at or making fun of things that are really important” to him. Our meeting got really heated during our conversation and some of us left the discussion and others were crying.  We all got a drink of water, calmed down and went on to the next part of the meeting – ‘Encouragement Question’. The next week we came back to my brother’s matter and were quickly able to come up with a solution that worked for everyone.

Just this past weekend, my brother and I put the solution to the test. We were in the car with my dad and I was laughing at something my brother had said. He turned and looked at me and said quietly, “Family Honor” the code we had come up with in our meeting so that the other person would realize someone was feeling laughed at, not with. I stopped laughing and quickly looked over at him and said, “I’m sorry.” We moved on with our conversation and forgot all about it. My brother later told my family that he felt really good about being able to use the code words and he felt like I listened and understood him.

Family meetings have helped all of us feel like we are important.”

12 year old sister