“Marjie was awesome. She really has the skills and competencies as well as proven know-how to provide us not only with an interesting theory but then supported it with real life examples and how-to-do ideas.”

“The course was amazing. It opened up my mind and heart. I would love to take another one!”

“I think this program is extremely helpful for parents who want to grow personally and grow their family.”

“Great class. Marjie is truly a gifted facilitator. Thank you!”

“I found the workshop so helpful and enriching.”

“I would love to continue this course… Reviewing and going deeper into all the topics makes me a better mother. Thank you so much!”

“Being a parent is hard. There‚Äôs no manual of how things should be done. Our kids are the most important things we have and we want to be our best, but we are not perfect. This program provides great tools that really work. Attending a course is far more enduring than just reading a book, because you get to share with other parents and have time to think things over and over.”