Self-Paced Online Course: Encouraging Parents, Courageous Kids

The 4 Crucial Cs

Registration Closes October 7, 2022

A Powerful New Way to Engage with The 4Cs

There are many programs on parenting, so why do we need one more? Dr. Betty Lou Bettner offers an indispensable perspective. Together with Amy Lew, she created The Four Crucial Cs based on the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler. The Crucial Cs are guides that support parents –- or any adult with children -– to navigate whatever troubled waters might arise. 

Over the past year, our founder Marjie Longshore has partnered with Dr. Bettner to bring this course to you. Working together with Dr. Bettner’s manuscript, this interactive program is an opportunity to hear from Dr. Bettner herself as you walk through the self-paced modules.

Learn practical, proven methods for:

  • establishing healthy relationships
  • setting limits
  • handling stress and anxiety
  • training in life skills
  • fostering responsibility and resilience
  • decoding and addressing unwanted behavior
  • living in a mutually respectful home