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Did you know that our family education experts can create a customized talk or workshop? We have produced custom programs on a variety of current topics in parenting for schools, parent-teacher associations, church groups, and more.

Commonly requested topics:
Limit-Setting ; Resilience & Confidence ; Safe Screen Usage ; Raising Caring Children ; Chores, Allowance & Financial Literary ;  Establishing a Family Meeting Practice ; and much more!

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Current/Recent Workshops

“Livin’ with Limits…and Lovin’ It!”

Speaker: Lara Ratkovic
Location: Durham, NC – Durham School of the Arts PTSA General Body Meeting
Date: May 18, 2023
Description: In our last meeting, Dr. Tonya Armstrong shared ways to support our children’s mental health. One important thing she listed  is to set and maintain limits and boundaries around things like screen time, bed time, and nutrition. In our next meeting, Lara Ratkovic, fellow DSA parent and Director of Communications at Family Leadership Center, will share a brief talk on effective ways to set respectful rules and limits with our children, and strategies for upholding them. We hope this will be a helpful topic as we head toward summer and our kids’ schedules and routines will change. This time of year is a great opportunity to revisit (or create!) the agreed-upon boundaries in your family. 


Raising Resilient, Caring, Socially-Responsible Children

Speaker: Marjie Longshore
Location: Topsham, ME – Topsham School District Parent Academy
Date: May 17, 2023
Description: Marjie Longshore, founder of Family Leadership Center, is giving a talk the Parent Academy of K-12 school district in Topsham, ME. The  students have been struggling with treating each other well, and they have concerns around mental health, substance use, and self-injury. This talk with discuss how to raise children who care well for themselves and others.