Parenting Circle: December

December 8, 2021 Daytime & Evening Sessions

Refuel & Reconnect in Parenting Circles

What: An interactive experience (RSVP required) that offers fresh content and current research on diverse topics. Each monthly session will provide you with opportunities to polish and sharpen your encouraging parenting tools and gain new insights! You can ask questions about current challenges and grapple with ideas alongside other engaged, caring adults.

*Prerequisite: This program is available to anyone who has participated in a core parenting course with Family Leadership Center: the Core Class; Foundations of Family Leadership; Raising Resilient & Responsible Children; and Solving the Mystery of Parenting Teens.

December Theme: Navigating Different Parenting Styles

(Especially over the holidays!)

What is your parenting style? What parenting style were you raised in? As we all gather for holidays at this time of year, how could understanding different parenting styles increase harmony and fun for all?
Key Concepts: Authoritarian vs. Permissive parenting styles, Previewing: a tool for increasing cooperation and harmony

When: Monthly – the second Wednesday
This Month: December 8, 2021 
: Daytime Noon – 1 pm EST or Evening: 8 – 9:00 pm EST

Cost: We offer this monthly opportunity at no charge out of our commitment to make this work accessible to all. We are funded through the generous supporters and friends who enable Family Leadership Center us to make this happen. If you’d like to support our programs, please click here to make a donation to operations.