How to Talk with Your Children When News is Scary: A Community Conversation

Monday, June 13, 2022

8pm EDT

If you’re feeling a heaviness about recent events…

  • about the wars being waged across the world…
  • about the health of our planet…
  • about all of it…

You are not alone.

As adults holding these heavy events, we are often faced with tough questions from the children in our lives:

  • Why do people do bad things?
  • Could something terrible happen to me, at my school, or in our town?
  • What are the people in charge doing to fix this?

Family Leadership Center has always been a safe place to explore together how to face life’s challenges in an encouraging and courageous way.

Join us for a community conversation on handling difficult news with your family. On Monday, June 13, we will gather over Zoom as a community to support each other in processing current events with our children in an empowering way.

“This is life. You don’t get a vote about what you have to deal with. You do get a vote on whether you deal with it or not.”  –Barbara Fairfield

We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to interview Barbara Fairfield, LMFT on how to help children process trauma. When you register for our evening session, you will also receive access to this powerful conversation.


Register here.