Parent Coaching

Encouraging support to be
the parent you want to be

As parents, each of us finds ourselves needing a little extra support from time to time.

Our Coaching Model
In one-on-one parent coaching, you will learn powerful alternatives to authoritarian and permissive parenting. As you apply what you learn, your children will gain skills that will enable them to thrive with responsibility and resilience. As a family, you will grow more connected and have more fun in the process.

Our parenting model is based on the ideas of Alfred Adler and Individual Psychology. This is an encouragement model, not a pathological model. It requires courage, it doesn’t require perfection. This is about creating a supportive, collaborative home environment. When people are learning and growing together, mistakes will be made and messes will happen. Everything that comes up can be used productively to grow more connected, become more capable, understand that you are significant and your voice counts, and to build courage and resilience.

Seek Out Parenting Coaching For…

New ways to connect with your child

Solutions to persistent power struggles

Methods for creating a family environment that fosters cooperation, responsibility, and fun

Encouraging tools that will empower your child to grow up capable and courageous

When Parent Coaching May Not Be a Fit

If you feel your child is in imminent danger of harming themselves or someone else, resources for times of crisis is a better fit.

Please see below for our general terms of agreement.

Scheduling a Session

To schedule with one of the coaches below, send an email to and a staff member will get in touch with you directly.

Pleaase include your name, phone number, a brief description of what coaching needs you have, and some available dates and times. We look forward to serving you.

Sessions are typically 55-minutes. During the scheduling process, arrangements will be made for a payment of $150.*

*Family Leadership Center is committed to serving our community and making this supportive work accessible to all. Please let us know if it would be meaningful for you to explore options for coaching fee assistance.

Our Coaches

Marjie Longshore

Marjie read her first parenting book when she was nine and her interest in child and adult development continues to grow. With a masters in education from Harvard,  Marjie has worked in the field of education for her whole career as a teacher in preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and middle school, curriculum developer, educational consultant and, her favorite jobs: mom and parent educator. Her work in schools continually brings her back to how important it is to give support and encouragement to families.

As founder of the local non-profit, Family Leadership Center, and trained in Adlerian parent education at the non-profit, Parent Encouragement Program based in Washington DC, Marjie leads workshops and courses internationally with parents, teachers and community members. She is a member of the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology and also holds certifications from Northeast Foundation for Children — Responsive Schools, Encouragement Consulting with Lynn Lott, Global Learning Partners, and Nonviolent Communication.

Marjie’s Passions:
  • The 4 Crucial Cs*
  • Establishing Family Meetings
  • Identifying and strategizing ‘misbehavior’

Book with Marjie if Friday afternoons work best for you.

Dara Kessler

Dara Kessler is a wonderfully energetic educator. You can find her leading parenting classes that cover all ages from preschool through high school, with her favorite being a course she creatively adapted for online purposes called Solving the Mystery of Parenting Teens. She loves all topics related to the brain and behavior, and has dedicated herself to this study as it applies to parenting. Dara is a certified parent educator through the Parent Encouragement Program as well as a certified Parent Coach with the Jai Institute for Parenting. She is also in the process of receiving certification with Positive Intelligence. A former dentist, she brings the same passion she exuded for preventing problems in the mouth to her current passion for preventing problems in the family.

“I want to live in a peaceful world populated by citizens who are responsible, reliable, capable, kind, compassionate, caring, adaptable, curious, kind and more.  FLC provides specific training and resources to that end. By participating with FLC, I am fulfilling my passion and purpose of making this world a more peaceful place one parent at a time.”

Dara’s Passions
  • Mindfulness
  • The child’s developing brain
  • Creative problem solving within a family

Book with Dara if weekdays work best for you.

Paige Trevor

Paige Trevor is all about helping families clear the way for more satisfying lives. In addition to being a guide for FLC, she is the founder of Balancing Act LLC, a Professional Organizing business. She is a Certified Parent Educator through the Parent Encouragement Program and certified Parent Coach through the Jai institute. Combining her passion for organization and her expertise in parent education, her business uses organizing and parenting techniques to help families get to the bottom of troublesome issues. A mother of two grown children, she and her husband enjoy road biking together and hosting dinner parties (when we’re not in a global pandemic!).

“The human endeavor of raising children is universally joyful and challenging. When parents come together, we find courage and laughter. The spirit of bravery balanced with humor helps us approach parenting with more grace, patience and encouragement. I have learned that we do parenting work – not to have our kids have the perfect life of our dreams – but to enable them to live the imperfect life of their dreams.”

“I want to live in a peaceful world populated by citizens who are responsible, reliable, capable, kind, compassionate, caring, adaptable, curious, kind and more.  FLC provides specific training and resources to that end. By participating with FLC, I am fulfilling my passion and purpose of making this world a more peaceful place one parent at a time.”

Paige’s Passions
  • Eliciting cooperation from teens
  • ‘Scary’ teen behavior
  • Bringing a sense of humor to parenting

Book with Paige if weekend afternoons work best for you.

General Terms

Applicable to all services provided by Family Leadership Center and our team members.

You understand and agree that the information expressed during a parent coaching session is intended to be general educational information with respect to common parenting issues. Information is based on Family Leadership Center team members’ training and experience, and it is offered in good faith and always as an invitation –  you do not have to use this information. 

By scheduling a parent coaching consultation, you agree that our consultation is not a substitute for professional advice such as a medical doctor, psychiatrist, or counselor. The information provided by Family Leadership Center and our team members is educational and does not constitute legal or professional advice, neither is it intended to be. 

Furthermore, you agree that any decisions you make, and the consequences thereof, are your own. Under no circumstances can you hold Family Leadership Center liable for any actions that you take. You agree not to hold Family Leadership Center liable for any loss or cost incurred by you, or any person related or associate with you, as a result of discussions, materials, techniques, or coaching offered by Family Leadership Center and our team members.

Lastly, you agree that you shall indemnify Family Leadership Center team members in the event of any claim, including but not limited to any claims made against Family Leadership Center, by any person related or associated with you. Nothing in the content materials shall be considered legal, financial, or actuarial advice. 

*A Reference Note on The 4 Crucial Cs

Alfred Adler identified the four core needs: belong, improve, significance, encouragement. Ansbacher, H. L., & Ansbacher, R. R. 1956. The Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler, Basic Books. New York. 

Betty Lou Bettner and Amy Lew translated Adler’s core needs into the Crucial Cs: Connect, Capable, Count, Courage. Bettner, B.L. & Lew, A. 1990. Raising Kids Who Can. Connexions Press. MA.