Parent education is not needed if you want to parent the way you were parented. If you want to parent the way you were parented, you’ve got this (mostly). You know the tools and strategies to use. Side disclaimer: things might get a little tricky if the environment that you grew up in is different from the one your child currently lives in. 

If you want to parent opposite of the way you were parented, you know some of it. You know what not to do. You might be at a loss when things get rough because you don’t have many tools for what to do, and when stressed, you might find yourself falling back on the same tools you observed as a child.

If you want to parent in a powerful way with courage and dignity to raise children who thrive in our current world, then you need support, proven tools, strategies and theories that you can apply. This is parent education. Family Leadership Center provides parent education based on sound research with proven strategies that work, in real families.  

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