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A personal message from a parent

October 8, 2021

Dear Friend of Family Leadership Center,

I am writing today to express my gratitude for the community of supporters who generously contribute to Family Leadership Center. I discovered Family Leadership Center at the beginning of the pandemic. As is the case for many families, the normal ups and downs of life started to feel more dramatic. During these 18-some months, we have been bolstered by the tools and support offered by this work. 

In a house with two teenagers, we inevitably run into some bumps in the road. In the past, I would approach these moments of discord with a sense of dread and a rush to fix it quickly. Now, my family has the structure of Family Meetings (one of the tools we chose to implement) to address these bumps, recognizing them as opportunities to grow and learn together. It has always been important to me to address the challenges my children face –– both large and small –– with respect and without “rescuing them.” If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that life DOES have challenges … and we are strong enough to overcome them. 

Through our Family Meetings, we now address our problems together, with the problem-solving tools encouraged in Family Leadership Center’s classes. Not only am I inspired by the solutions we’ve been able to create (everything from shower schedules to handling peer pressure), I am relieved to know that we are teaching our children problem-solving skills which will serve them well throughout their lives. The learning I have gained has helped me connect how I am parenting in the moment with the qualities I am hoping to grow in my children.

Sometimes the bumps in the road are a little more jarring. Having a high school–aged child who struggles with anxiety, it feels just right to turn to the strength-based principles from Family Leadership Center. Instead of resorting to my previous go-tos of nagging and hovering in stressful parenting moments, I now try to focus on encouraging language and building our relationship when we hit a rough patch rather than trying to fix the source of the anxiety. 

Putting energy and time into connecting and having fun with my children has been nothing short of transformational. Now, I see the link between scheduling time to bike ride with my 13-year-old and the fact that she delights in sharing her entire school day. Our relationship has only strengthened as she has become a teenager –– something I didn’t know was possible. We have invested in connections throughout the family, and you can see it in our enjoyment of a weekly game of Catan. What used to be a bonus has now become an essential part of having a balanced family life. 

Since joining the Family Leadership Center community, I can see the growth in my family and am so grateful for the support and guidance I have received. It is not about being a perfect parent or knowing just how to handle every situation. Instead, I approach parenting with an eye on what I want for my kids and what will be encouraging, respectful, and useful for my family. I hope you will continue to participate with me and support Family Leadership Center with a donation today.

With appreciation,

A grateful parent

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