As we move into a new year, it can be fun to think about what we want to carry over, and what we want to leave behind. For you, 2021 may have brought some challenges and triumphs and, hopefully, happy memories and growth. It can be meaningful to the children in our lives when we spend time with them looking back and taking stock. In the coming days — perhaps over a meal, in front of a cozy fire, or during a Family Meeting — consider looking back with a few of these sample curiosity questions based on the 4 Crucial Cs. The idea is to enjoy a shared experience with your loved ones of thinking, reminiscing, and reflecting on 2021 to pave the way for a fantastic 2022. Look for where there were strengths and be sure to celebrate all the growth! 

How did you create and expand connection this year? Who did you make friends with? How did you take care of yourself and your family? What special times spent with others were your favorite?

How did you grow in your capability this year? What new skill did you learn? What life lessons will help you in the new year? What did you teach someone else through your example?


When was a time you felt significant and valued? How did you use your voice/speak up? In what ways did you help out in your family or community and make a difference? Where was your favorite space to show up and just be your wonderful self?

Where did you show courage this year? What are you proud of accomplishing? What was the hardest thing you went through? How did you show resilience, persistence, or strength?

We’d love to hear from you – how do you reflect and celebrate growth with the people in your life?