When creating a Screen Use Agreement as a family, the most important piece is the conversation. The goal is to come together as a family to create the agreement, taking into account everyone’s perspectives, needs, and desires. Keep the language positive and encouraging. 

It’s a good idea to think of it as a ‘living document”, not a final draft. Write up a first version and try it for a week. Then, come back together and see what worked and what needs to be changed.

We invite you to try our Screen Use Agreement Template.

Sample Agreement

Below is a sample from a Family Leadership Center community member:

When thinking about how we use screens in our lives, as a family we agree that the best kind of screen use is creative, inspires us to be curious and problem solve, and helps us to understand the world around us.

Our family agrees to the following guidelines around our screen use:

Before going on screens after school, I will:

  • Be outside: bike, scooter, play with friends, walk
  • Complete my homework
  • Play my instrument for at least 20 minutes
  • Eat a healthy snack
  • Be with my pet
  • Complete a job or task to help make our home a nice, clean, happy place to live

Our Guidelines for screen use include:

  • I will play games / watch entertainment on screens the same amount of time as I practice my instrument.
  • Screens are turned off by 7 pm on school nights.
  • Screens stay in main areas of the house and are plugged in the kitchen at night.
  • If I don’t follow the agreement, I lose the privilege for the next day. Then, we will try again.

Date: April 10. 2021