High School students and parents in Bethesda, Maryland are playing games together Sunday, April 3 and growing in their experience and understanding of belonging. This special event is hosted by the B-CC PTSA and is a collaboration between two non-profits, EnTeam and Family Leadership Center.

Here are the rules to one of the games they’ll play on Sunday afternoon:

Keep On Track

Objective: Teams work together rolling balls along tracks from the starting point to a bag as many times as possible in 3 minutes.

Materials: EnTeam Tracks, ping pong balls, bucket or bag

Rules: (you are free to use any strategy that doesn’t break these rules)

  1. When a ball is on your track, your feet must not move.
  2. Everyone must have turns rolling a ball.
  3. No more than six people in any relay line.
  4. Touch the ball only when you start the relay – or restart.
  5. You may not let the ball or track touch the floor.
  6. Your hands may not touch anyone else’s track.
  7. You may not move the bag or change the starting point.

If any rule is broken, restart from the starting point.
Return the ball to the point of beginning.

Score: One point each time a ball goes in the bag. 

After each game, add all the scores together.
Then take time to reflect and debrief before the next game. 

Winning: You win together if the combined score increases each time you play.
Everyone loses if the combined score doesn’t increase.

The challenge is to improve the score in a series of games. 

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