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8-week Core Class: Raising Resilient & Responsible Children  

Our core class will help you learn the principles and practices to be the best parent you can be while also developing your child’s responsibility, respect and courage. 

After each two hour session, you’ll leave with a new understanding of your parenting style and your child’s behavior, plus you’ll gain new skills to lead your family in an encouraging way. Class sessions will also help you interpret misbehavior and positively support your child’s growth. In time, you’ll create goals for your family and clear milestones towards reaching them. 

Each class member receives a course book, handouts and practice sheets. Class will also include engaging exercises and activities that you can share with your family at home. You’ll also receive two hours of individual coaching from founder Marjie Longshore, Ed.M. 

To learn more about our courses, please visit our Courses page.


November 2019

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